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Help For New BusinessesIt may seem odd that in the depths of a recession that many new businesses are starting up, however this is partly led by the human desire to succeed even whilst the odds are against us, but also as more proactive people who have recently lost their jobs are using their redundancy money to set up new enterprises.

Indeed with jobs so difficult to find at present, it can be an easier option for some to start their own business, rather than to look for work at a currently existing establishment.

Hours A Day Just To Start

However starting up even a small new business is never easy, and unless you have someone to collaborate with, then you will find yourself doing all of your own administration, answering calls and dealing with mail, as well as having to set up your own office and purchase all of the capital items such as computers, printers, faxes and a copier to name but a few items that you may need.

The problem is you may have been used to having someone doing all of your administration, opening your post and answering and filtering your phone calls, and it can come as a shock to you as to how much time is lost during the day just doing day to day mundane tasks. Indeed how you go about managing such tasks may dictate whether you business will grow to be a success or not.

Then there comes the capital outlay for an office desk, a computer and other such costly hardware, including printers and copiers. All of these costs can add up frighteningly fast.

The Alternative

So how can you go about getting help with office administration and phone calls, as well as reducing the amount of capital that you spend on office equipment without having to take on staff or rent full time office space?

Well help is at hand for new businesses in the form of virtual offices. They can act as a business angel when you are first starting up – They will rent you office space, but often with little commitment on your part, but this could just be a hot desk twice a week, which as your business grows could turn in to renting desks, but only the amount you need and no more. All you pay is the fee for the space you use, when you use it. They will also provide a desk and chair for you to use, as well as giving you access to faxes and copiers, thus minimising your capital outlay.

In addition they can provide phone answering services and a mailing address.

The facilities they offer are on a pay per use basis, so you can use them to keep your costs low when starting up. All in all they can be a great asset to help get your new business going.

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Many businesses end up with work to do in London, and often an office space in the capital wouldn't go amiss. Luckily, they're as easy to book as it is to book a hotel room!
The recession has brought with it a number of problems even for the best of companies and there is no time like the present to look at the options that are available.

If you're considering any of our Office Services within Mayfair in London, then perhaps a bit more information will whet your appetite:




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(Corner of Oxford Street and South Molton Street)
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