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Advantages Of A Virtual Office

Well traditionally a virtual office provider just used to offer the services of using their address as your mailing address, and possibly taking phone call messages for you. However things have progressed somewhat in the past decade.

Virtual office providers now offer a very wide range of services to help you focus on running your core business rather than spending time on admin, yet they also now offer a variety of other options that may make you think twice about setting up and leasing your own office space.

For example with the Internet now allowing the majority of office workers to work from home if they are allowed to do so, then the requirement to have a centralised office in a major town such as London is diminishing. Indeed British Telecom have closed the majority of their central London offices recently.

Yet people still occasionally need to meet face to face for meetings, or they may be in a town centre and find the need to “Hot desk” for a day or even just a couple of hours, and this is where the modern virtual office steps in to play. As part of the service you can book meeting room space to meet clients or hold meetings with colleagues, or even book some desk space and access to a wireless network.

A virtual office service, for a monthly fee offers you a variety of business services, from handling all of your telephone calls (This can now take the form of the telephone being answered in the name of your own company, and calls or messages being taken and forwarded on to you – all of which makes it look like a normal office, rather than a virtual office), as well as providing a company mailing address and mail forwarding services.

Additional services they can provide may include handling faxes in and out, translation services, transcription/meeting minute services, photocopying, as well as general typing services. Basically a well run virtual office can offer every business service you need on an “On demand” basis. This means you only pay for the services you use outside of what is included in your monthly fee.

They can also provide temporary office space for a team of people, which is handy if you are carrying out a project for a client or running a regional sales campaign that does not warrant taking out a six month office lease.

The virtual office offers all these benefits and more to you.

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Many businesses end up with work to do in London, and often an office space in the capital wouldn't go amiss. Luckily, they're as easy to book as it is to book a hotel room!
The recession has brought with it a number of problems even for the best of companies and there is no time like the present to look at the options that are available.

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