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Virtual Offices To Become The Norm, Survey Says

Virtual Offices are the most ideal method for maintaining your business with the most minimal running costs available. For a company to switch from pure office space to a virtual office, however, is another thing altogether. It can take some convincing initially to get to grips with the idea, but once up and running, the difference in expenses can be noticed immediately.

Cost Cutting

With prices continually on the rise, especially for office supplies and office space rental, many companies can be looking to find ways of cutting costs. The perfect way of doing that is to move away from traditional office spaces, to a virtual office. That way, your company can still run as normal, but from a cheaper location, perhaps even from home if that suits best. Your business can also see an improvement from utilising a virtual office service. Your business could move to an alternative location at a lower cost, or perhaps even have employees working from home, but you could take up a more potent address, potentially taking up more business as a result. For example as a result of using a virtual office in London, you open up your business to being able to work with those in the capital, whereas previously you might have been limited to companies in and around your locality.

Reducing Company Expenses Whilst Maintaining Company Size

A global survey recently, released on the 19th May, took an in-depth look at the trends for companies and the way in which they use their workspace. In this survey, nearly 60% of the interviewed companies said they would see themselves reducing, opposed to increasing, the amount of office space they use. This is of course a direct contrast to how businesses would expect to increase in size year by year. While wanting to increase in size, the majority said they would like to reduce their office space at the same time.

A difficult task then, but not impossible. At present, 63.5% of workers commute to and from work every day of the week, but a staggering 71% said they expected working from home, or working from a virtual location, would be the logical way of working in the future.

This survey showed that most companies therefore preferred to move away from the usual bricks and mortar style office, avoiding the rent and high levels of expenses.

79% of those surveyed said they believed they now had the appropriate technology in order to be productive away from the office, at home or out and about. Therefore with the technology available, it can only be a matter of time before the majority of companies have employees working away from the office, utilising the effects of the modern day virtual office.

How We Can Help

At Mayfair Point, we have a vast range of virtual office services available for your use in the London district of Mayfair. A prestigious location, your business is sure to shine as a result. Visit our Virtual Offices page to learn more about our services. Whether looking for a virtual address itself, or for mail and telephone calls to be forwarded and included, we're sure to be able to help.

Alternatively, for any queries, feel free to get in Contact with us, where one of our friendly staff will be glad to help advise you on your requirements.


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